Rates & Trips


2016 RATES FOR INSHORE SPECIES: (Blues/Stripers/Sea Bass/Porgies/Tautog)

  • 5 Hours $690.00
  • 7 Hours $810.00
  • Night Bass (6 Hours) $810.00
  • 9 Hour Extended Day Trip to Montauk/Block Island  $1,000.00

(The 9 hour trip is the best option for targeting Jumbo Fluke and Black Sea Bass). (Cod Trips are 9 Hour).

2016 RATES FOR OFFSHORE SPECIES: (Shark / Tuna / Marlin /Mahi / Wahoo / Swordfish)

  • Shark or Tuna Day Trips: $1,650.00
  • Canyon Day Trips: $2,600.00
  • Canyon Overnight Trips: $3,600.00

For Canyon Trips it is advisable to do the overnight trip. Choosing this option you can fish sunset, during the night, and at first light.

A 50% Deposit is required on all trips.

  • Everything is included except your own food and drink.
  • Catering options are available for Corporate outings.
    • It is customary to tip the mate on the boat for his/her services. Average tips run between 10 to 20 percent of trip cost.
    • Our boats are operated by USCG Licensed Captains and the boats meet all USCG Safety Requirements.
    • We ask that groups arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the departure of their trip, remember to account for traffic on I-95.
    • Fishing licenses are not needed when fishing on a Connecticut Charter boat.
    • We hold the necessary licenses to fish Long Island Sound and the surrounding waters of Block Island sound out to 125 miles offshore.

Your Guide to Trips, FAQ’s, and Answers!

How do I book a trip? In six easy steps….

  1. Pick 1 or 2 possible dates that your group can go.
  2. Call us at (860) 739 7419 and we will check availability of those dates/times.
  3. If we have your date(s) available, we will pencil you in “the book”.
  4. We email contracts out every Thursday for clients to review and sign.
  5. Send us back your signed contract and deposit.
  6. Once we confirm receiving your signed contract and deposit, your date is now booked!

What Should I bring? 

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Adequate Clothing to stay warm and dry – A hat is recommended
  • Rain Gear
  • Your own food and drink (Alcohol is permitted – please use in moderation).
  • Soft soled shoes
  • Motion Sickness Medication if needed
  • Camera
  • Cooler with ice to bring home your catch

What Trip Should I choose?

When trying to decide what type of charter trip is best for your group several things should be considered. It is important to identify the age of your group, their sea worthiness, their fishing ability, and the importance of nice weather and good action. We strive to incorporate the best of everything into all of our trips, but some have a better chance than others.

The following are some recommendations from our captains and crew. 

May, June and October tend to be the best months to target Stripers. They are also months prone to variable weather conditions and slower action due to the volumes of available baitfish. July, August, and September offers the most variety for charter fishermen and the most stable weather conditions. This time period is excellent for fluke, scup, bluefish, sea bass, and stripers. They are also good months to target offshore species like tuna, mahi, and sharks.

 Corporate Groups:

(Limited to some experience fishing )

If you are trying to entertain clients and want an enjoyable day on the water with better than average action, booking a day trip between July 15th and Sept 15th is usually best. During this time the weather patterns tend to be more stable and the Bluefish have arrived providing for good action all day. Although you might not be targeting large stripers your group is sure to have a great day on the water. The 5 or 7 Hour trip is usually most popular. 

Family Groups:

(Very limited to some experience fishing)

Families are very similar to corporate groups where action and weather is essential for kids to have a good time. Depending on the ever changing regulations the months of July and August are the best for a family. This time period offers good weather and the ability to target stripers, bluefish and porgies. Porgy fishing is very exciting for younger children. Because these small but hard fighting fish offer the opportunity for youngsters of hook and land their own fish. The 5 or 7 Hour Trip is usually most popular. If you are interested in catching Sea Bass, Scup, and Fluke, we suggest the 9 hour extended trip for bottom fishing charters.

Night Striper Trips:

(Decent knowledge required of drift fishing)

Our 6 hour night striper trips offer a charter experience without having to take a day off from work. (Or having to give up a weekend). They primarily focus on stripers rather than bluefish, making them perfect for the striped bass enthusiasts  looking for quality fish. The primary fishing method on a night trip is drift fishing. Fishermen should be ready for variable conditions and have decent fishing ability.

Trophy Striper Trips:

Very good knowledge of Striper Fishing: (both trolling and drifting)

 From time to time we offer trophy striper trips and any traditional charter can focus on trophy fishing. Fishing for large stripers generally reduces the action and involves trolling large baits in a targeted manner. Trophy trips are generally booked around tides and portions of the season that have a greater chance of producing large stripers. If you want to catch the striper of a lifetime ask about a trophy trip.

Open Boat (Split Charters): 

(Limited to advanced Fishing Knowledge)

If you are looking to go fishing with just a few friends or by yourself, then consider an open boat “split” charter. It is a way to get all the advantages of a 6 passenger group just as an individual. The JB Boat offers numerous open boat dates throughout the summer. The dates include both day and night trips. The open boats trips can still only accommodate 6 passengers, so call for availability to reserve a spot early.

Tautog (Blackfish) Trips: 

(Skilled Fishermen with good bottom fishing knowledge)

Fall Tautog trips are very popular due to the excellent fishing we’ve experienced year after year. The new Ct. State record Blackfish topping 26 pounds was caught in local waters in the fall of 2015. If you want to challenge your angling skill with one of the finest eating fish in Long Island Sound, then there is nothing better than Blackfishing. Tautog (Blackfish) are expert bait thieves and usually require decent bottom fishing experience. These white meat fish are worth all the effort, so look for our all day Tautog specials starting in October.



(More experienced Blue Water Fishing Knowledge)

Offshore trips we suggest for more experienced charter groups. Offshore fishing has the greatest chance for rough weather and variable conditions. Trips are longer in duration and don’t have the same catch consistency as inshore trips. Shark trips are a great way to begin your bluewater adventures. Sharking is best from late June to early July and then again in the fall. Tuna trips are best when there is a trolling bite; mainly from mid July until early September. If you are thinking of an overnight trip your best timing for both weather and overnight chunking is between late August and the beginning of October.